The BFSC is hosting TWO test sessions in November 2021.  The first is a virtual test session. The deadline to sign up is November 3.  Please have all videos turned in to the test chair by Friday, November 12.  Here is the website to sign up: https://comp.entryeeze.com/Membership/Welcome.aspx?cid=158

The second test session is an in-person test session taking place on Saturday, November 13 after our Autumn Skills competition. There are only 10 spots available so you will need to sign up fast. These spots are open to BFSC full and associate club members first until Friday, October 15. After that, any remaining spots will be opened up to any other out of club skaters. The tests for the in-person test session are limited to Juvenile and below for moves and free skate, and all solo dance levels.

Please review these documents if you sign up for our test session. One helps explain how to film and send the videos to the test chair. The other two documents (affidavit and name/likeness release) must be completed and sent with the video to the test chair.

Please email Chris Demarest at cdemarest42@gmail.com with any questions.