Board of Directors

Brooklyn FSC Board of Directors 2021-2022

President Nywana Sizemore
Vice-President Vacant
Secretary GraceAnn Demarest
Treasurer Amy O’Brien
Member-at-Large Kristie Hayes
Member-at-Large Sara Schmidt
Member-at-Large Open
Member-at-Large Open
Test Chairperson Chris Demarest
Ice Monitor Chairperson Amy O’Brien
Fundraising Chairperson Vacant
Membership Chairperson Amy O’Brien
Social Media Chairperson GraceAnn Demarest
Web Administrator Chris Demarest
Autumn Skills Chairperson Nywana Sizemore
Pro Liason GraceAnn Demarest
Safe Sport Chairperson Amy O’Brien
GCCFSC Delegate Open
GCCFSC Delegate Shirley Rego

If you are interested in being part of the Brooklyn FSC Board of Directors, please reach out to a board member.