Fun Had By All at the Spring Membership Meeting

The Brooklyn FSC hosted their Spring Membership meeting on Saturday, May 13. There was a lot of food, skating, and fun (in addition to the meeting).

Please congratulate the newly elected members of the BFSC Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 season. They are President Nywana Sizemore, Treasurer Amy O’Brien, Member-at-Large Jodi Higgins, Member-at-Large Brandy Brown, Member-at-Large Eric Barczynski, and Member-at-Large Steve Glorioso.

BFSC Performs in Spring Show!

Over 60 skaters performed in the Brooklyn Figure Skating Club spring show with the help of the Brooklyn Recreation Center the weekend of April 28-29. The theme of the show was Brooklyn Goes Back to the 90’s. We were able to honor five of our graduating high school seniors and celebrate the achievements of all of our members over the course of the last year. Congratulations to all of you who skated in the show!

Congratulations BFSC High School Seniors!

The Brooklyn Figure Skating Club was lucky to be able to have honored five high school seniors at the most recent Brooklyn Recreation Center ice show the weekend of April 28 and 29th. Sarah C, Colin D, Amy K, Martha K, and Anastasia M were honored at the end of the ice show. Congratulations to you all and good luck in your future endeavors!

BFSC Adds a Jump Harness!

The Brooklyn Figure Skating Club is happy to announce that it has purchased a new jump harness and had it installed at the rink. The on ice jump harness will help skaters of all ages and ability levels to better learn multi-rotation jumps.

Please see Chris Demarest if your coach would like to use the new harness as there are some basic rules you must follow in order to use it.